Travel Talk | Aol Original Series

Director / Writer / Editor
30min Episodes
Produced by Aol
Nominated for a 2011 Webby

The year was 2010, and I was living with Stephen Greenwood – a friend from UCLA. Stephen had spent the first year out of school traveling the world and had a part-time gig writing for Aol’s travel blog, Gadling. Didn’t know Aol had a travel blog? Me neither.

Every now and then, Stephen would invite me to travel ‘events’. All were PR ploys, but occasionally these mixers were ostentatious enough to be fun.

At one such event, hosted by Virgin America at the Fort Lauderdale W hotel, Stephen and I drunkedly pitched an idea for a weekly thirty minute travel show to Stephen’s boss at Aol. To our surprise, we got an e-mail the next day asking for a pilot. 

After doing our best to remember what we pitched, Stephen and I enlisted the help of a wannabe internet celebrity (and my best friend) Aaron-Murphy Crews and started filming. Aol greenlit the series and we were off traveling to a new destination every week.

Travel Talk is the result. A weird mix of features, talk-show, and silliness.